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The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a resource and idea depot for teachers of French. It is maintained by Catherine Ousselin (AATF Technology Commission Chair) and other members of the AATF. This is a public Wiki, but you must be a member to post or add materials. Please watch the instructional video below on how to add your resources.
Wikispace 3 minute tutorial video for joining and uploading:

Detailed instructions:

You may add documents, images (No memes or inspirational quotes, please), videos, and links to the dossiers listed on the left. If a dossier does not fit the provided themes, please contact Catherine (catherineku72@gmail.com) or a Wiki administrator to suggest or request a new dossier.

To help maintain uniformity to the page, please use the "Georgia" font at 140% with the color code
#352ab3. If you are new to Wikispaces, please watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this page.

If you are not comfortable with uploading or changing the font color/size, please post ANYWAY! We encourage any and all participation regardless of tech comfort level. MERCI!

Please note: Copyrighted materials (scanned books, etc) are not allowed on the wiki. Merci bien!

Uploading: To upload a file or add a resource:

1. Navigate to the correct theme link.
2. Click on "Edit"
3. Click on "File" in the tool box if you are uploading one (Word, PDF, Mp3, etc.)
4. Upload your file from your computer or thumb drive.
5. Click on the file once it has been uploaded. This will add it to the page.
6. To add links or embed videos, click on the "Widget" button and follow the prompts. If you need any help, please contact Catherine Ousselin at the above address.

You should also add a short description in either French or English to describe the suggested level or any instructions for users.

If you find an error in a document or a have question on its use, please find the poster under the "MEMBERS" link on the left and send him or her a message.

As these are shared documents, please credit work that you use.
You may not sell or redistribute any of the resources found on this Wiki.

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