Activités d'expression orale
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Janet Kosonen-Germain - AP Speaking Final: Women in Society / Trésors du Temps

Catherine Ousselin - Trions nos mots pour trouver l'intrus! Novice Mid/High: This are two word sort activities focusing on review of food descriptions, cooking terms, animals, habitats, and descriptions of people. Students will collaborate together to choose a word from each list that they believe doesn't fit. There are many reasons why the word could not belong to the list. Their job is to discuss and come to a consensus as much as possible in French.
Class discusses the choices after finishing every three lists.

Movie Talk + Running Dictation (Martina Bex / The Comprehensible Classroom)
Jean de la Fontaine -Le Corbeau et le renard - Catherine Ousselin
For all levels - Vocabulary of the fable with gifs, screen shots of the fable, fable cards to organize, and other materials. Click and make a copy to your Google Drive.

Catherine Ousselin - Qu'est-ce que tu as fait pendant le congé d'hiver? This is my "first-day-back warm up for French 3 through AP. The activity requires students to read, listen, and choose the best answer from a set.
There are question cards and answer cards printed on different colored paper. The question cards go in a pile in the middle of the table. The answer cards are face-up on the table (groups of 4-6). Student A picks a Question card, reads it, and places it on the table. All players look for a logical answer to the question. The student who finds the best card keeps it as a participation point. Student B reads the next question. There are a few cards with multiple answers. Questions are based on our town and state, so you will need to modify.
Follow up: Students write 5 original questions and ask them to new partners.

Catherine Ousselin - Novice Low through Novice High: Mon jumeau / ma jumelle? Questions pour mon camarade de classe. Students use question and answer flashcards (at bottom) help fill out the questionnaire. Comparing and contrasting / questions / tenses.

Catherine Ousselin - Novice Mid-High: Comparons notre famille et nos amis aux animaux! Animaux, famille, accord des adjectifs et "si+imparfait>conditionnel. Exemple

Courtney Parkinson: Novice Low - Novice High: La météo projet. Speaking assessment based on the Français Interactif curriculum. Students play the role of a meteorologist for a Francophone country. Word doc is provided for you to use and edit.

Level 2: Carol Orloff: I've made a sheet of pictures where students write the name of the personality characteristic under the picture each represents according to the PPT. On the back are feelings vocabulary They will keep this list of pics on their desks and tell their partners how they are feeling every day and as much as possible why. Je suis triste parce que mon frere est malade (I know this won't be perfect but hopefully it will get them talking more in an impromptu way which is one of my goals this year - I may give them a quick write beforehand that they can check with their partners. They can't choose the same feeling every day - they will need to make up responses. I will call on several students each day until I get to all. They will also describe people in their lives and as much as possible say why: Ma soeur est bavarde. Elle parle tout le temps au telephone.

In the PPT - slides 21-24 - one partner turns his/her back to the board and the other partner has to guess the five feelings the partner who sees the slides describes (in French). Each may have his/her vocabulary lists in front of him/her - point is to review vocab and speak. It worked well last year with other vocab. Then of course they switch off.

Question Formation Notes Carol Orloff