Activités variées

Activités variées

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Movie Talk + Running Dictation: Le Corbeau et le renard - Catherine Ousselin
For all levels - Vocabulary of the fable with gifs, screen shots of the fable, fable cards to organize, and other materials. Click and make a copy to your Google Drive.

Movie talk: Passé composé flashcards - The Present / Le cadeau - Vidéo + Flashcards.
Catherine Ousselin - Flashcards pour le passé composé / imparfait pour le court-métrage. Toutes les captures d'écran se trouvent ici!

Passé composé sentence strips - AVOIR
Color-coded manipulative flashcards (Step 1) to introduce / support formation of the passé composé.
Orange = ER / Vert = IR / Jaune = RE / Bleu = Irréguliers

Passé composé flashcards - AVOIR
Cards (Step 2) to review past participles with regular and irregular verbs. Flashcards should be printed (double-sided) on color-coded paper (cardstock). Orange = ER / Vert = IR / Jaune = RE / Bleu = Irréguliers


Écrivons une histoire au hasard! Or use Rory's Story Cubes: Dice option / App option
Collaborative past tense story writing task.

Discussion: Les animaux domestiques

Partner exercise to share information about animal names and how to spell them. Novice-low/beginners and review of the alphabet.

Textodingo (MadLibs)
Google Drive - Shared stories/Google Forms - Create a copy of the Google forms and templates to your own Google Drive. To learn how to use Autocrat to merge the Form answers to the templates, read this blog post or contact Catherine Ousselin (

Deux activités Textodingo à utiliser - Ousselin



Conversation avec les numéros:
Class activity with jelly beans to predict probability and ask questions. Review numbers and basic questions.

Conversation avec les numéros et les pays francophones
Partner gap exercise to review numbers 0-300,000 by comparing Canada, France, and the US.

99 Way to compliment your classmates in French-Regina Symonds Triton High School

Wax Museum Project (students research and become famous francophones) Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Pierre Plat Project Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Past Tense projects Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Object Pronoun Project Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Reflexive Project Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Life on Mars project for future tense Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Subjunctive project Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Trip Across France project (level 3) Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Invent a board game project Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Si j'étais président (conditional) project Kristina Rogers-Argueta

plus-que-parfait and past conditional project Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Cultural Comparison Project on some AP subthemes--Kristina Argueta