Francophonie / Patrimoine
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Le Tour du Monde Francophone: by Kate Isaacson. A french I project that encourages presenting in French with simple sentences.

Black History Month / Francophones africains / Français africains
Omar Sy - Meghan Schumacher

Notable African French/Francophones - Crystal Cannon

Each student assigned a notable person, class presentations and post around the building.

Profils culturels (created by Nitya Viswanath) - These are not authentic resources, but I created them for students to read after having discussed an authentic resource. I wanted them to have some additional cultural context to whatever we were reading / seeing. So, we would read an article, for example, about an environmental issue in Belgium, then look at the profil: Belgique. I would have students read these in pairs, discuss, and then do conditional practice (If I were traveling in Belgium, I would do xyz). I used these with French 3 and 4, which at our school can range anywhere from Novice High to Intermediate High.)

Profil culturel: Madagascar

Profil culturel: Liban

Profil culturel: Provence

Profil culturel: Belgique

Profil culturel: Normandie

Cartes et drapeaux des pays francophones - Bre Uzzell

ThingLink Image + Google Form - Catherine Ousselin "Les spécialités et les produits locaux (de terroir) français" Intermediate Low - Advanced Low. This interactive map invites students to explore the former 22 regions of France and DOM/ROMs to learn about the produits de terroir and the traditional foods of each region through videos, pictures, and links. The Google form on the map is for MY students. You can save a copy of the form to your own GDrive from the link at the top of this post.

"10 faits sur le Carnaval de Québec" Historia - Catherine Ousselin - Compréhension de lecture - IPA EXTRA light!

Les cahiers d'activités pour le Carnaval du Québec

Mardi Gras:
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

French regions "trivias" Kristina Rogers-Argueta

francophone country "trivias" Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Podcast: ¨Vous êtes ici¨ par France24 (vidéos ici) - Bailey Adrianne (Intermediate-low, but could be adapted to any level)
Partez à la découverte du patrimoine français ! Du jeune apprenti à l’artisan au savoir-faire reconnu, de l’éleveur au chef étoilé... Rencontrez ces passionnés qui font vivre l’héritage français.

Drapeaux et coloriages du monde francophone - Catherine Ousselin
This is a link to a shared Google folder with 40+ coloring sheets.

Vidéo + Questions: DOM-TOM pour les Nuls! - Karen Kozlowski