Integrated Performance Assessments

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Useful links/resources:
ACTFL Publication and eBook
Lisa Shepard's Blog: Madame's Musings: Unit plans and IPAs Master teacher and unit designer!
OFLA's (Ohio Foreign Language Association) IPA resources

NB: Sharing an IPA? For each file you upload, choose the correct theme, add your name, the IPA mode (interpretive, presentational, or interpersonal) and the level(s), not year, for which the IPA is destined. If your topic is not listed, please put it under Contemporary Life and add a description.

Global challenges
Contemporary Life
Public & Private Identities
Science & Technology
Family & Communities
Beauty & Aesthetics

Global Challenges / Défis mondiaux
1. Catherine Ousselin: Interpretive Reading (Novice Mid-high)
Malala opens schools in Lebanon for Syrian refugees.


2. Catherine Ousselin: Interpretive Reading (Novice-Mid-High)
Young woman from Togo defends rights of girls to go to school.



3. Kristina Argueta: Environment IPA Intermediate


Contemporary Life / Vie contemporaine
1. Catherine Ousselin: Interpretive Reading (Novice mid-high)
French students plant organic garden for school lunch.

2. Catherine Ousselin: Interpersonal Speaking (Novice mid-high)
C'est quoi être «en bonne santé?»
Directions: (Full unit is here)

3.Kristina Rogers-Argueta: Neighborhood IPA (Novice-mid/high)

4.Kristina Rogers-Argueta: : Teen activities IPA (Novice-high/Intermediate-low)
additional audio for this IPA (Belgian teen) and worksheet:

5.Kristina Rogers-Argueta: Career IPA (Intermediate-high)

6.Kristina Rogers-Argueta: Travel IPA (intermediate low) Kristina Rogers

7. Elizabeth Palac- Vacations IPA (Novice-mid-high) Interpretive reading, interpersonal communication, presentational speaking, presentational writing.

8. Le travail et le temps libre - Susan Shelby

9. Sheri Green - (Novice Low - Introductions and Nationalities) Interpretive listening & reading, presentational writing, interpersonal speaking. Complements T'es Branche Level 1, Unit 1A.

10. Brandon Yo - Français 3 - La Rentrée: Attentes vs Réalité (Vidéo ici)


Public and Private Identities / Quête de soi
1. Kristina Rogers-Argueta Immigration IPA

2. Kirikou: Introducing French Film to Novice Learners - Rebecca Blouwolff

Thematic mini-unit and associated documents (student packet, interpretive reading assessment modeled on Lisa Shepard's IPA template, etc.)

3. Kelly Rogers: Coco Chanel IPA (can be used in conjunction with //Coco Avant Chanel)// (NH/IL)


Science and Technology / Sciences et technologies
1. Kristina Rogers-Argueta Social Media IPA

2. Samantha Curry - Essay: Les avantages des réseaux sociaux



Family and Communities / Familles et communauté
1. La fessée, c'est terminé - Géo-Ado: Carol Orloff

2. Le portrait des familles au Québec Infographic and Questions (Novice High) - Sally Worsham



Beauty and Aesthetics / Esthétique

1. Kristina Rogers-Argueta Intermediate-mid / Ideals of Beauty

2. Kristina Rogers-Argueta Art IPA (Novice-mid/high)