Online resources

The AATF maintains a Diigo shared bookmark page that has categorized links to hundreds of topics and themes. If you do not find what you are looking for here, visit the bookmarks. Please add your own links to this page! If you are looking for technology and other resources, visit our AATF Resource page

AP French Resources
1. Ed Weiss - AP French and other French teaching resources

Word dictionaries
1. WordReference - introduce students to the forums to find colloquialisms, regionalisms, and current language.

2. Larousse - Encyclopedia and dictionary

3. Bescherelle - Dictées, quiz , conjugaison, et jeux en ligne

4. Wiktionnaire - A collaborative dictionary for Francophones.

5. Linguee - Similar to WordReference; both a dictionary and provider of words and phrases in context.

6. Termium Plus - technical vocab (career-oriented) from Canada

Visual dictionaries and image banks
1. Dictionnaire visuel - 17 themes with links to images.

2. Banque d'images (Québec) - This is more of a site to find images, but they are organized in French.

3. Dico visuo-sémantique - A site for students with orthography issues, but very useful for FLE!

4. Clip Art for World Languages - A helpful site for simple drawings

5. Visual for Foreign Language Instruction - A helpful site for searching for authentic images / pictures.

6. Do2Learn - Simple art for language learning

7. Rebus-o-matic - Pour faire fonctionner Rébus-O-Matic, c'est très simple: Il suffit de rentrer n'importe quel texte en français, de cliquer sur "Abracadabra, puis d'admirer les résultats.





Game sites
1. French Playground - Take your French students beyond the four walls of their classroom. Join French classes from around the world in live, online French activities and events including: lnterviews, French class meet and greets, games of "Devinez le dessin", "Triva", and Kahoot!

2. Languages Online (Australia) - Wide variety of fun listening, reading, and writing activities (games)
3. Tapis Volant - Online textbook with videos, audio activities, and reading activities

4. BrainPop Français - Vidéos, activités ludiques, thèmes variés

5. Lexique FLE - Engaging games for review that can be played online or downloaded to PC/Mac.

6. Digital Dialects - A bit dated, but a good variety of vocabulary review games.

7. La Souris - Francophone site for children



Francophone sites: Videos, podcasts, activities, etc.
1. Lyrics Training - Songs with gap exercises at different levels

2. Lyrics Gaps - Songs with gap exercises

3. Bonjour de France - Karaoké FLE

4. Embassy of France in the US - School pairing, classroom resources, training programs, etc.

5. LinguoTV - Subtitled videos for all levels (free!)

6. Podcasts (Signets Diigo pour plusieurs niveaux)

Pedagogical sites: Francophone sites to for French learners / teachers
1. Le FLE avec Ludovic - Activités ludiques, exercices auto-correctifs

2. La classe de Mallory - Wide variety of authentic resources from a teacher in France. Great way to incorporate Maths, Social Studies, etc.

3. Polar FLE - Murder mystery to solve using the past tenses

4. Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links - A vast database with links to Francophone websites on just about everything (language, culture, literature, music, news, history, etc) French teachers and students need

5. Enseigner TV5: La vie de collégiens - Series of videos and activities for learning French. Amazing resource

6. - Many varied activities, bricolages, songs, games, etc.

7. FrancoLab Développée par TV5 Québec Canada, Francolab est une plateforme éducative destinée aux enseignants et aux apprenants de français. Que ce soit dans un contexte d’immersion, de francisation, de français de base ou intensif, les enseignants et les apprenants trouveront des contenus audiovisuels et pédagogiques étroitement liés aux aspects socioculturels canadiens.

8. Littérature Audio - Download audio books for free.

9. AudioCité - Download free audio books.

10. Le Web Pédagogique - Online / downloadable resources and activities for FLE.