World Language Teacher Blogs
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French teachers:
Ed Weiss - AP French leader and World Language Curriculum Specialist

Madame's musings - Lisa Shepard blogs about proficiency-based instruction and shares many of her units and authentic resources.

Cécile Lainé - AP units, song of the week, Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA), and Comprehensible Input (CI) resources.

La Cloche sonne - Heather Frackiewicz invites contributors to share activities with authentic resources organized by level, topic, and skill.

Ma Révolution française - Rebecca Blouwolff

Tales from the salle de classe: Megan Sulewski

LangFan - Natalia DeLaat

World Language Laboratory - Catherine Ousselin

General World LanguageThe Comprehensible Classroom - Martina BexPathway to Proficiency - Thomas Sauer and guest bloggersLanguage Coaching - Amy LenordLynn Johnston - Lynn's blog

Japanese / General

Language Sensei - Colleen Lee-Hayes

Spanish / GeneralPBL in the TL (Project Based Learning) - Laura SextonMusicuentos - Sara-Elizabth Cottrell

German / General

Chinese / General