Activités de lecture
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Livres d'enfance - shared by Kimberley Healey
Students (French 3) review and then translate children's books in French from my collection. This is just the preliminary reading project. I'll upload translation project worksheet after I figure it out.

Vive Patate - Shared by Del Bard:
Timed readings in text and audio formats.
Harry Potter Word Hunt - Cassandra Bunney-Nejman

Attached you will find an activity that can be done with any level of students who know large numbers. Using the Harry Potter Books (edition listed in the word doc) in French, the students have to go to a certain page, a certain paragraph, and a certain word. They write that word down and it becomes a piece of a sentence. They continue doing this until they have the entire sentence in French, and then they can translate it.

10 mots et expressions avec ≪lune≫ - Jennifer Campanella
2nd page has answer key and 5 more expressions. Find posted the original Word doc and a PDF version (in case formatting gets wonky when downloading). I'll use this with my 8th grade French 2s.

Elections présidentielles françaises : j'ai voté ! - Cécile Lainé
Attached is a short story (with pictures) about a French woman who describes her time at the voting poll. It is written in comprehensible French, with lots of repetition and cognates, so accessible to Novice mid and above. Suggested activities are:

1. Hunt for cognates

2. Cut paragraphs and match paragraphs to pictures

3. Cut paragraphs and sequence them

4. Compare and Contrast French and American voting system (Venn diagram)

...or just SSR/FVR (Silent Sustained Reading/Free Voluntary Reading)

La vie contemporaine et les aliments - Rebecca Blouwolff
Attached are a selection of French Tweets about food preferences (j'aime, je dois, je ne peux pas manger, je suis allergique...) with an interpretive task to accompany them. I'll use this with my French 8 (Intermediate Low target). The folder with both docs is here.

La vie contemporaine - Le travail et le temps libre - Susan Shelby

Les Sportifs français - Susan Shelby

Les Loisirs préférés des Français - Susan Shelby

Horaires du cinéma & descriptions des films - Novice low-high: Ellen PK

Géo-Ado: La fessée, c'est terminé! - Carol Orloff

Pauvre Anne: Activities for all chapters — Novice-mid: Amy Sternke

Google Folder: All-purpose Interpretive Questions
These are reading/listening/viewing questions for ANY text. There are three different versions (1 at Novice - Intermediate-Mid, and 2 at Intermediate Mid-Advanced Low: one with a tone question and one without) Contact Erin Gibbons for questions or suggestions on use.

L'effet de serre - Reading based on "Les climats: Pourquoi changent-ils?" available here.
Reading comprehension activity by Abbie Kaufenberg

Les sports et loisirs: Novice Mid - Meadow Pritchett

ABCdaires de Paris, Montréal, et Québec. Karen Campbell Kuebler,
Elementary through Middle School, Environmental Print Alphabets to add culture to your reading and learning!

La Dernière Classe - Hannah Smith McAllister. This unit was done in French 3, second semester with knowledge of the imparfait.

In class, we read from Easy French Reader (ISBN-13: 978-0071850179 / ISBN-10: 0071850171) that splits the story into sections with comprehension questions.
PowerPoint from local professor who explained the Franco-Prussian war to us:
Notes I took on the lecture:
Related videos:
Study guide:
Test (I split it into 2 days because we had short schedules but could conceivably be done in 1 period):

Carte Postale – Novice low-mid – Meadow Pritchett
This postcard was written by a French teen who stayed for 3 weeks and wrote to his grandmother about his trip. Good use of the passé composé. He gave permission for me to use it and share it with you all.

Menu of activities for "free reading" once a week using authentic magazines and books in a classroom library : Novice high-Intermediate mid-Nicole Naditz

Interpretive strategies in WL classes. All levels. Can be used for any type of reading-interpretive task. Luciana Jeler