Aliments et nourriture: Leçons, liens, unités thématiques, etc.

1. Stop au gaspillage alimentaire! Cuisinons nos restes et que ça saute! Thematic Unit for various levels with activities for Interpersonal / Interpretative mode + YouTube playlist - Catherine Ousselin

2. Cuisinez vos restes avec Supereste! Site Web avec des recettes et YouTube playlist. Great videos that use the partitive and creative uses for cooking with leftovers. Un exemple

3. Le Goût et le Gaspillage unit resources: Theisen

4. Chef' Table France: Alain Passard - Lee Holcomb Questions de compréhension (in English)

Les cantines scolaires du monde francophone: Catherine Ousselin
1. Google Map with school lunch maps YouTube Playlist for Francophone school lunches
2. Activity for Google Map exploration

3. Flashcards for describing fruits with "because" statements

4. Flashcards for basic food vocabulary

5. Flashcards of Francophone school lunch menu items

6. Large pictures of Francophone meals

7. IPA Reading (Questions) Novice-Mid/High: «Ils ne mangent plus que du bio à la cantine»

8. IPA Reading (Article) Novice Mid/High: «Ils ne mangent plus que du bio à la cantine»

9. IPA Reading (Questions and Article) Novice-Mid/High: «A la cantine scolaire, des petits plats bio et locaux»

10. Cantine scolaire presentation directions Students "review" and compare their school lunches with Francophone school lunches and prepare a presentation on their opinions. We present to the French-speaking school board member and superintendent, but you can invite anyone to watch. Our Playlist of Presentations is located here.

11. Cantine scolaire poster writing prompts: This template helps students organize their 3 categories: What is good, not good, and my suggestions to make lunch better.


Food Vocabulary - large pictures of food, followed by the French vocabulary word/expression - Emily Quinn

Café Food and Drink Pictures PowerPoint (NO WORDS) - Jenn Campanella: technically this goes with D'accord 1, Lesson 4B; only pictures so it can be edited for personal needs.

André Segarra and Lauren Bartels - Questions de compréhension: Comment préparer une crème glacée à la vanille
YouTube Video: Comment préparer une crème glacée à la vanille


Les Marrons

Le Fromage - Un Art Français

Les idiomes et la nourriture

Gastronomy IPA
Intermediate low Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Breakfast IPA (novice high) Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Healthy eating IPA/cantines (intermediate low) Kristina Rogers-Argueta

Kristina Argueta