1. Elizabeth Lee - Classroom management and organization

Classroom participation rubric - French III: Elizabeth Lee

2. Jenna Sigman - Daily Bellringer Sheet (Les sonneries)
I print this two-sided and students use it for about three weeks in class. I collect each day and mark points and/or a completion stamp. It's a great way to monitor students who are tardy/absent, especially if students are consistently tardy to class. I do NOT give points to a student with an unexcused tardy so they usually get to class quicker. I originally got this idea in 2008 from Kim Yee, a French teacher at Benito Juarez Community Academy, while I was her student teacher.

3. Jenna Sigman - Tardy Slips
I print these, punch a hole in the corner, and attach them to a ring near my door (held up with a 3M hook). Students take one if they walk in late, fill it out, and place it on my desk. I have a paper attendance sheet where I mark whether a student is A, T, or P and after four tardies, students receive a detention (schoolwide policy). Easy, quiet way for students to monitor their own behavior and enter the room without causing a disruption.

4. Cécile Lainé - Classroom Pledge (Respect, French, and Listen)
This pledge is adapted from Annabelle Allen, Spanish teacher extraordinaire. I am using it for Elementary and Middle School groups. On day 1, we go through the pledge and I make sure everyone understands it:
- Respect is self-explanatory,
- English with permission means I will ask them for permission to speak English when needed and they should respond in French when they know how to,
- Listen with your eyes because you need to rely on both your ears and eyes (visuals/props/gestures) in order to comprehend me,
- Listen with your heart because this is not like any other subject matter, this is about meaningful communication

Optional: for my level 1 classes, we recite the pledge together each day before starting class.

5. Cassandra Bunney-Nejman - Expressions Utiles

I give this to all of my students on day 1 or 2 when they have me for the first time and I tell them to keep it in the front of their binders for quick and easy reference.