Breakouts EDU en français!

Share your Breakout activities! Please add a link or the document with your name, the title, and any other information your wish to share about the activity. If you use an activity, please cite the teacher who created it.

1. Ellen Kotzin - Louvre Heist (Breakout Game)

Please adjust your documents as needed. This is for middle school but can be upgraded if you change some things around and also you can make them do it all in French!

2. Caroline Little - L'Évasion des Scientifiques (Breakout Game)
I developed this game for level 3 students (Intermediate Low/ Intermediate Mid) in lieu of an end of unit test (Discovering French Nouveau Rouge unit 2).

tableau periodique.jpg

3. Escape Games pédagogiques - Carte avec des jeux différents pour des niveaux et thèmes variés (Catherine Ousselin)

4. Breakout - Noël en France - Diane Jones
I created this breakout as a way to expose students to some holiday traditions in France . As of now, there is only one thing missing (the Bûche de Noël puzzle). I will add that file to this pdf as soon as I get a copy of it.

5. Breakout - Les Jeux Olympiques d'Hiver - Elena Buckner Rusche

Here's a BreakoutEdu I made for Les Jeux Olympiques. There's a combination of French and English, but I designed it so my French 1 students would be able to finish it. Our class periods are 43 minutes long and only about half the teams were successful, so I think I would eliminate a lock if I were going to do it again. Fair warning, I was pretty rushed to finish it up and noticed a couple of errors on my clues when I ran it in class...I think I've fixed everything, but double check the clues for accuracy before you use them!