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Ressources pour les films et les courts-métrages

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Apprendre le français avec "Le Cinéma français"

AATF Dossiers Pédagogiques (Films)

Blog: World Online Cinema (French films) List of French films and pedagogical resources

List of French films - not exhaustive, but a start!

Translated French Film Titles Guessing Activity

Films organisés par thèmes:
1. Famille
a. Le Château de ma mère | La Gloire de mon père
b. Belle et Sébastien (fiche pédagogique en bas de la page) | L'Aventure continue
c. Le Papillon
d. La Famille Belier
e. Le Petit Nicolas | Les Vacances du petit Nicolas (fiche pédagogique en bas)
f. Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont
g. Un Air de famille
h. Le Premier jour du reste de ta vie
i. Le Tout nouveau testament
j. C'est quoi cette famille?

2. L'Amour

3. (Thème)

4. (Thème)


Movie Talks et d'autres activités avec les courts-métrages et films

Movie Talk - Lait de la vie - Christine Jones
Présentation avec captures d'écran
Liste de vocabulaire

Court métrage "La femme et le TGV"

Activités et unités pour les films
1. Au revoir les enfants

2. L'Argent de poche
Dossiers pédagogiques: "L'argent de poche" An older, but well-loved movie suitable for Family / Community themes. (Catherine Ousselin)

3. La Gloire de Mon Père (uploaded by Ali Marzulla)
Quizlet Flashcards Marcel Pagnol Biography 1 (note: flashcards were created by fr2-fkchs on
Quizlet Flashcards Marcel Pagnol Biography 2

4. Tintin (Spielburg). Viewing guide. All in English... But I play the film in French. I mainly use this for non-French speaking sub days. (uploaded by Smythe-Doucet)

5. Le Papillon - Film
Famille-communauté-film-Ousselin: This is my entire file for the film. It can be chopped and added to for any level. I use it for "La famille et la communauté" or "Le voyage / les loisirs"

"Pourquoi? La chanson du "Papillon"

La bande annonce du film avec des sous-titres en anglais

6. La Marche (The Walk) Interpretive-Handout: Saylors
These are handouts for the movie The Walk (La Marche): questions, answers, and a follow-up activity for the students to write about their own dreams.

7. Molière
Molière avec Romain Duris: Activités par Cynthia Trogisch-Teixeria

8. Kirikou
Kirikou: Introducing French Film to Novice Learners - Rebecca Blouwolff
Thematic mini-unit and associated documents (student packet, interpretive reading assessment modeled on Lisa Shepard's IPA template, etc.)

9. Etre et avoir - Film
This film is a documentary (2002) about a one-room school in Auvergne and its teacher. Here's what I have (Note: The "source" listed on the packet has since been moved - the website is no longer valid, but at least it's a start if you're looking for the original author.)

10. Belle et Sébastien
Dossier pédagogique par L'Institut francais - Ellen Kotzin:

11. Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont - Liz Maione

Fiche pédagogique for 2016 film about a doctor from Zaïre (Congo-Kinshasa) and his family who move to a tiny town in Picardie, France. Fits well with themes on family, community, world challenges, immigration, assimilation/integration, etc. Vocabulary and exercises are appropriate for students around B1/Intermediate High.

12. Le Chef : with Jean Reno
This film is great to show during or after a food unit. There are a few curse words, but I do broadcast the movie to my 7th grade students. It is rated PG-13. Attached are three homework assignments that I assign. Emily Quinn

13. Azur et Asmar - The Princes' Quest: A French-Arabic film by Michel Ocelot - a tale of 2 boys, one a blue-eyed son of nobleman and one a dark-eyed son of a nanny. As they grow up, the nanny tells them enchanting stories of rescuing a beautiful fairy in a foreign land. Once adults, Azur et Asmar set out to rescue the fairy - who will be first? Emily Quinn

14. Le Petit Nicolas - dossier pédagogique par Nicolas Fédélich, professeur des écoles.
From IMDB "Nicolas has a happy existence, parents who love him, a great group of friends with whom he has great fun, and all he wants is that nothing changes. However, one day, he overhears a conversation that leads him to believe that his life might change forever, his mother is pregnant! He panics and envisions the worst." Appropriate for all levels.